Geboren: 19-05-2008 Stokhaar 59 cm HD A ED vrij MDR 1 vrij DM N/N DNA profiel
                       Of The White Miracle
                                                       Zwitserse witte herder kennel
Dijara's Deandra of the White Miracle
Destinys Kyra v.d. Banjou Burght
Barthos v.d Witte Kroon
Irresistible v marcesth
Deejay White Shepherd Paradis
Winterpalace White Masterpiece
Sandyhill's Czar von Winterpalace
Winterpalace Cleopatra
King Misty of the First Choice
Bartok Bela of White Ivory
Cira v.d. Bernisse Hof
My White Best Friend’s Duke
Great Wish v. Marcesth